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Blog Review/Critique #6


The blog up for review today is sewphisticate .  There is an awesome how to article on making rings from wire Conquering-10-gauge-stainless-steel .  Great pictures and a step by step how to!  How to articles can really drive the traffic to your blog…they are timeless and can bring readers back looking for more.  There is also a wonderful feature on an Etsy artists freshly written yesterday introducing-lauren-gray .

 Critique:  First…Labels..that is all i am going to say..(hehe you know what to do) .  Second, lets drive some traffic to your site by joining a blog ring.  Ringsurf is the best place to find and join a ring that will fit your blog style.  There are a number of Etsy rings and art/jewelry rings you will find.  Third how about checking out Entrecard.com .  This is a FREE and easy way to get your blog out to the world.  Today i am currently advertising on 40 blogs for free through Entrecard. 

 Take a look at sewphisticate’s Etsy shop Click Here

If you would like to have your blog featured and reviewed please have a look at this blog sewphisticate and leave a comment here or there.




6 Responses

  1. labels? and blog ring? and entrecard?! oh my…i’m so lost. seriously, haven’t a clue what any of that is. i’m such a computer dunce. direct me and i will go learn, obiwan!

  2. I would like my blog to be critiqued too! Thanks for all the great information!

  3. sewphisticate, I think your blog is great. I don’t know what labels or entrecards are either, but I think blog rings are a bit juvenile and in some cases tacky. Keep up the good work.

  4. Oh, I love Sewphisticate’s work. And even though I never plan to work with steel to make jewelry the description and process was great. You don’t want to miss her blog she has some great information and interview!

  5. Great blog. The wire information was really helpful to something I am working on right now. A

  6. I would NEVER be able to conquer any metal…even with the terrific intstructions!

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