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Blog Review/Critique #7


Today we are taking a look at anexultationoflarks .  You may be asking what that picture is…well check this contest  out.  Running contests are a great way to generate some traffic.  They also bring readers back to your blog.   Also check out this great article about an  Etsy artist brenda hall . 

Critique:  First:  Your banner is a touch difficult to read….i would change the color of the words..the picture is great.  Second:  The color of your post titles are very hard to read until you scroll over them.  Just change up the color, and it will look great!  Third:  labels are not tags…..labels are for readers to search your blog…you can add a page element on the side with your labels.  give each one label…lets say someone is looking for your featured artists they can find them in a flash…check out my blog for labels here . they are on the left hand side call must click ons.  Lastly:  Add a little more traffic to your blog with blogcatalog .  it is free and easy,  just make some friends and check out other blogs!

Here is anexultationoflarks etsy shop   Click here

If you would like to have your blog featured and reviewed please have a look at this blog anexultationoflarks and leave a comment here or there.




10 Responses

  1. Timothy – this is great! I submitted to the ‘what is this’ contest, lol. I’m fairly new to blogging (6 months?) so can use all the help I can get. Thanks so much for taking the time to assist others – we really, really appreciate your efforts!! ~ Bee

  2. What a surprise!!!!! thank you for the advice… I will be working on things!
    I won’t give you a hint about the picture though!

  3. you are welcom denise!! i have no clue what it is!! great job on the contest!!

  4. Oh, this is great, I can use all the help can get. Thank You!!
    Now I’m going to submit a comment for the “What is this” contest.

  5. Excellent! Free anything is good, but free blogging advice is awesome. Thank you for being so generous with your time. Please add me to the list of blogs to review. Thanks! Robin

  6. I forgot to add my Etsy store link – muonglass.etsy.com

  7. What a great idea Denise (for the contest) I just had to put my guess in.
    I can see what you mean Tim, about bringing readers back to the blog, I have it bookmarked now!

  8. I would love to know how I could improve my blog!

    my shop:

    Thanks so much,

  9. Great tips. I’m definitely going to be watching. My blog can use all the tips it can get to increase traffic, lol.

  10. LOL, that’s a great idea for a contest, although I wouldn’t venture a guess as to what it is.

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