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Blog Review/Critique #8


The blog up for review today is bellasboutique .  First of she has a great banner and the over all color theme fits great.  She has done a great job with joining blogrings and addding a site counter.  i suggest that everyone gets a site counter.  here are a few good places for counters… blogpatrol , expertcounter , and sitemeter.  WordPress already has built in blog stats.  Have a look at this great article all about bellasboutique’s last art-show craft-fair-aftermath .  Lastly..notice the 3 column blog style….WARNING this may be a little advanced for the new blogger…but if you have a blog on Blogger this site will help you get that 3 column blog you have always wanted create-three-column-blogger-template

Critique: First:  I would add an Etsy mini of your favs.  this will display other Etsy artists. On that note do a few more artist features, this can help drive traffic to your blog.  when you write about other artists they may write about that article on their blog.  Second:  Add those labels to your posts, so readers can navigate you blog faster.  Third:  For a traffic boost…add Blogrush…. Take a look at the placement of my Blogrush widget  Here .  the placement is key, for readers to notice it!

 check out her Etsy shop  Here

If you would like to have your blog featured and reviewed please have a look at this blog bellasboutique and leave a comment here or there.




12 Responses

  1. Thanks for the 3 column info, and I love Bella’s banner. Must fix mine!

  2. Bella’s boutique is a great looking blog, the flickr feature is very nice too.

  3. The three column info is a great tip! I’m going to look into that now. The blog critiques have been great Timothy….everyday I am running back to mine to work on it!!!! Thanks

  4. Great info! I already visit this blog and appreciate the tips you’ve shared. 🙂

    I’m trying to build my blog and would love some tips too!


  5. You’ve just been on the reviewing kick lately!

  6. This is a great service you are offering – I am so new to blogging and you have given me so much valuable advice. thanks!

  7. I love Bella’s blog! Great choice! I’d love a review, too . . .


  8. I’m going to have to try the three column thing, I like that a lot! I like the way that a blog can be an extension of the etsy store giving people a little more detail into who the artist behind the store is.

  9. As usual…great information. What in your opinion is the benefit of having 3 columns rather than two?

  10. wow! you are going to help so many people with your hard work. you rock. i would love to participate! 😀

  11. Wonderful blog! Lots of great info for new bloggers like me 🙂
    Bella’s Boutique is, to me, easy on the eyes–not cluttered and hard to read–a big plus!!
    Feel free to critique me–I need all the help I can get!

  12. Thank you so much for all the useful tips. I would love a review of my blog if you run out of blogs to critique (not likely).


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