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Blog Review/Critique #10


 OK lets have a look at tabihats blog today.  You will notice the 3 column layout that i talked about yesterday.  I love the running art show list at the top by Google.  Also check out the add spaces on the left side…That is great to use Etsy Minni for an add!  Check the featured artist for yesterday…great article.  Overall a great looking blog……but..hehe

 Critique:  First:  make sure you use those labels for your posts correctly. I say this a ton, but on Blogger labels are not tags.  they are ment for readers to navigate your blog easier.  Second:  lets add a video today….check out  animoto.com .  This a new way to display your work in modern flashy form. It is easy and cheap.  Third: Time for some traffic tips….. have a look at entrecard.com .  There are a ton of Etsy bloggers joining, i have been a member for a few months and have seen a steady increase of traffic flow.  It is a FREE way to gain traffic and readers.  Lastly….lets add some income….take a look at  Widget Bucks…..this is a free way to earn a small income from cool adds on your blog..
Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!
You can customize your widget..with color and you can pick what is being advertised on your blog!

here is tabihats’ Etsy shop….  here

If you would like to have your blog featured and reviewed please have a look at this blog tabihats and leave a comment here or there.




Blog Review/Critique #9


Let’s look at sew gracious today.  Right off the bat you will notice that the layout is way different.  It is a 2 column blog, but the columns have been stretched.  It looks great!  This is done by editing the html code of your blog…( intense stuff there ).  It looks like we have another contest on our hands…. 100th-post-celebration .  You can see the amount of traffic is generated again by a contest.   Check out my contest to win a free necklace from my shop… click here .  Here is a cool thing you can add that sew gracious has…a mailing list form.  Use this to have people sign up to get on a e-mailing list.  here is a great place to find it for FREE  bravenet.com . 

Critique:  First:  I would change the color of your links..the light green blends in with the white. Pick a color that still fits the overall theme of your blog.  Second:  Labels again….. Labels on blogger are used as keywords. using labels will allow you to get rid of the blog archive, which is not a great tool for readers to use.  Third:  ok traffic time… you have joined a blog ring..but lets get on blogcatalog .  Lastly…make a little income with projectwonderful .  You can pick the adds you want to be on your site.  At first the cash flow is small, but over time it can grow!

 Take a look at sew gracious on Etsy here

If you would like to have your blog featured and reviewed please have a look at this blog sew gracious and leave a comment here or there.



Blog Review/Critique #8


The blog up for review today is bellasboutique .  First of she has a great banner and the over all color theme fits great.  She has done a great job with joining blogrings and addding a site counter.  i suggest that everyone gets a site counter.  here are a few good places for counters… blogpatrol , expertcounter , and sitemeter.  WordPress already has built in blog stats.  Have a look at this great article all about bellasboutique’s last art-show craft-fair-aftermath .  Lastly..notice the 3 column blog style….WARNING this may be a little advanced for the new blogger…but if you have a blog on Blogger this site will help you get that 3 column blog you have always wanted create-three-column-blogger-template

Critique: First:  I would add an Etsy mini of your favs.  this will display other Etsy artists. On that note do a few more artist features, this can help drive traffic to your blog.  when you write about other artists they may write about that article on their blog.  Second:  Add those labels to your posts, so readers can navigate you blog faster.  Third:  For a traffic boost…add Blogrush…. Take a look at the placement of my Blogrush widget  Here .  the placement is key, for readers to notice it!

 check out her Etsy shop  Here

If you would like to have your blog featured and reviewed please have a look at this blog bellasboutique and leave a comment here or there.